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Dandan Galor and Yan Chayut, musicians, speaking at ILTV studio on their mission to celebrate the Beatles' influence on Israel. 

Welcoming the Shabbat

Shabbat eve is a magical time. A time to get together and bless in singing its arrival…

Music and lyrics by George Harrison

Performed by Dandan and Yan

In honor of John Lennon, whose music continues to resonate in our hearts...

Recorded Live in Houkouk

Vocals and guitar - Yan Hayut

Vocals and keyboards - Dandan Galor

Drawings - Yael Twito

Dandan Galor and Yan Chayut, presenting their musical show: "Naomi shemer & The Beatles", on Israeli Channel 13.

An ode to a woman for who she is:

doing good, knowing well, bringing life. With gratitude from us.

Dandan Gal'or — vocals and guitar,

Yan Hayut — vocals and guitar,

Yael Twito — drawings

Dandan Gal'or and Yan Hayut set out on

a journey to the world of the two music

legends — of Naomi Shemer's works and the Beatles' songs and intertwine hidden threads between them in a refreshing musical performance.

Dandan Gal'or in a telephone interview on "Naomi Shemer and the Beatles - a Musical Journey in Time” in the radio program- "At Eye Level" with Shuki Avraham, Radio Sol, 23.11.16.

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