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Dandan and Yan met in Houkouk in 2011.

Being neighbors within the local community, they became friends and started to work and create together as a musical duo.

Dandan and Yan's work is based on their love for music and people. The love that has given rise to a variety of musical performances.

The adaptation of the repertoire and the communication with the inviting party are conducted in a professional and pleasant manner. The experience of working with clients and in front of an audience is felt throughout. And when on stage — music speaks for itself.

The original enrapturing performances, the surprising range of musical instruments, and the narration entwining all details together, create an atmosphere of togetherness, joy and excitement.

In recent years they have been traveling around Israel, from the Golan Heights to the Negev, performing for various audiences — in a living room, at local festivals and in concert halls.

Their approach to work is meticulous and thorough.

Dandan Gal'or grew up in Raanana.

As a child he showed a talent for writing and composing (songs for friends, for the family dog, Etc…) In his youth he studied classical guitar and began performing.

After his military service, Dandan traveled around the world with his guitar on his back (while trekking the Himalayas and Brazil).

He sings and plays guitar, piano, harmonica and percussions. He teaches and performs in projects in Israel and around the world, and Works a lot with special people, and is a father to Avigail.

Yan Hayut was born in Siberia.

Music has been accompanying him from home since infancy — thanks to his mother and his musical grandmother.

At the age of 4, Yan was accepted to a boys' choir in Siberia after insisting on auditioning, although he was two years under the age of acceptance.

Later, he learned to play violin and after immigrating to Israel at the age of 7 he played cello and graduated from the Schtriker Conservatory of Music in Tel Aviv.

At the same time, he learned to play the guitar.

After completing his military service, Yan studied voice engineering (another favorite field in his life) and continues to work in the field of sound and production.

He plays in various projects and ensembles, married to Yael and a father of four.

When he put down his backpack, he focused on studying music at the Rimon School for Music.

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